It’s a very esoteric question! Who is anyone? Who are you?

My name is Michael Fin and this a little story about me. I’m a self-professed fitness nut. Hence the site. I’ve been involved in fitness since high school but to varying degrees. I’ve spent enough time in the gym, hitting the weights and absorbing and smelling the odors of countless steroid-fueled, insanely over-sized, squeaky-voiced and mirror-hogging people to get tired of the scene.

It wasn’t until I injured my shoulder in a shoveling incident and effectively put a stop to my exercise entirely that I had a chance to reevaluate my needs and wants. When I started working out again, I had been on a 3 year, workout-free hiatus and I was approximately 35lbs over my ideal weight. I needed change but I couldn’t risk going back to the gym. First of all, my shoulder couldn’t handle it but most importantly, mentally, I couldn’t handle it. All I knew was how to lift weights. I didn’t have a cohesive or well thought out strategy for better health. I was also stuck in a mental rut of ignorance and immaturity and I didn’t realize that I needed to change my workout to better serve my needs.


Change happened very randomly as fortune has it. Zuzi, a close friend, had fortuitously asked me if I wanted to try dragon boating. I agreed and tried it. I was nervous my first practice, to the point that my stomach bothered me for 2 weeks after. It was great and I just finished my fourth season.

The next major change, came courtesy of Zuzi again. She was mentioning to me that she was doing a half marathon. Then she asked me the following, “wanna try?” Of course, I didn’t know better and I tried it. I ended up walking the majority of the run for a variety of reasons but I did it. Only after did I join the Running Room (a Canadian store series) and learned how to run. I’ve now finished a dozen halves and I run approximately a half every Sunday.


I’ve developed several philosophies and mantras along the way. Some of them conflict with others and most of them are applicable to every day life and not just exercise.

So here’s a list of a few:

  • Develop your training slowly, otherwise you will get injured.
  • What’s the worst that can happen? Try it and see…
  • Your exercise goal should be a structured along the lines of, how can I live healthy? Not structured around loss (for example weight loss). Once you hit the magical weight loss number, what then? Rather, you should focus on living well and weight loss is a by-product.
  • Lose your scale. It doesn’t tell you anything relevant. It’s just a discouraging tool used for destroying your self-esteem.


The purpose of this blog is to offer exercise routines and thoughts on a semi-regular basis. My perspective is clear, I’m not a professional and I don’t profess to know everything. I have however, trained many people safely and I’ve inspired even more.

A quick anecdote about my previous point. I was on a business trip and at a conference in San Diego. I was speaking with one of the vendors about health (I’m in the IT industry) and she was showing me pictures of herself before marriage and 3 kids with a lot of whist in her voice. After our discussion and the conference had ended, for approximately six months, she regularly would update me with weight loss journey. Granted I didn’t agree with her dieting but at least she was motivated to change herself.

Michael Fin, IT Professional, NAHP (Not A Health Professional), TMAWAS (Take My Advice With A Grain of Salt)