Apparently, I have a reputation when it comes to shoes, I try them and return them. It’s been so hit and miss with me and ultimately, I get frustrated. The last few pairs have had some separation by the toe after a few climbs (on the toe box, the glue seems to be coming off). Turns out it could be my footwork.

I went out and got the Evolv Shamans. This was a brand that I hadn’t tried before and they fit comfortably but they are a little more aggressive than I’m used to.

Funny little story, I saw someone wearing the same pair and I asked him what he thought of them, his response was, they’re great and not just because they sponsor me.

Without further ado, here’s the review:


Comfortable and stylish. They look like the love child of a parrot and a tire. The double loops for pulling on your shoe are really convenient but sometimes they got caught between the foot and the shoe when you’re not paying attention. I’m able to edge nicely and they give me really good control over what I’m perching on. Since I alternate them with another pair (something that I had never done before) I find that I’m more tolerant of the sizing.


They are more aggressive than my standard pair so I definitely need to take them off on a regular basis. Compared to the LaSportivas¬† I had, I can actually wear them longer though. Underneath the velcro straps, there are two padded flaps (presumably to protect your foot from the strap). I find that they can overlap each other but it’s a little off putting that you don’t know which side goes down first. I’m not sure if this makes sense, you would have to try it to understand it. I don’t know that it makes a difference though.


All in all, I’m happy with the shoes and hopefully they’ll treat me better than the last few pairs. I think I’m going to get another comfortable pair to replace my current ones.

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