My hands have been getting seriously shredded during my climbs. Turns out, I’ve been bouldering jugs too hard and this is a known result. Unfortunately, it wasn’t known to me. C’est la vie.

Looking for a remedy, I meticulously did my research and most of the positive reviews have been directed towards the Joshua Tree line of salves. So I went to pick up a jar and I’ve been applying it religiously.

The Review

First off, it’s a very difficult product to find. I found it at Silent Sports in Vaughan, the next closest place to find it, is somewhere downtown. Unless you buy online but then you have to have the patience to wait for it to arrive. I lack that basic skill (patience, that is).

It’s also a very expensive product, the large tin is $17, but in the interest of this review (actually, more because my hands desperately needed something), I spent the money. Silent Sports carries 2 different products, one for water-based usage and one for cycling. Obviously, I wasn’t sure which to get. I called Joshua Tree’s main line and couldn’t get through to anyone. Fortunately, one individual at Silent Sports uses the salve and he climbs. He told me that the only difference between the products is… wait for it… the labelling. I really hate it when companies do that.

When I opened the jar, I found that the salve smells like old man. Not horribly unpleasant but not something to send me to rapture.

I can handle the smell but the real question is, does it work?

Short answer: after careful consideration and repeated use of it, and after trying to really extend the short answer needlessly, I have to say, I’m quite pleased with it. It’s very greasy-challenged, my hands react well to it and I definitely will keep the salve for my other pursuits (namely, wild bison taming).

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