I picked up a pair of La Sportiva Katana climbing shoes recently and what a difference between them and my old pair.

My old pair had laces and they were somewhat comfortable. Comfort wise, climbing shoes should always be on the edge of discomfort. This makes for better control over your footwork. I found that I could spend the whole day in the gym in my old shoes. When I was looking at a new pair, I tried on several pairs and in the back of my mind I carefully considered sizing and discomfort as my measure of an ideal shoe. Now I did try different sizes but the one size down from the pair I ended up getting was just painful.

So I got bored and I decided on this pair. I had a chance to try them on in the gym and this is what I found.

Color: Just funky. I got a ton of comments on the color combo. Now, I’m not too particular about the color scheme but let’s be honest, I look like a friggin parrot in them. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Fit: The fit is perfect but I found that some of the stitching on the inside was unfinished or sloppy. In some parts of the shoe, pieces of fabric were stitched down just a little short of the end so you have a painful poke in your foot. Considering that these shoes are hand made, I would consider that there would be a little more care into the finish. I also found that the back of the heel hurt here and there. I’m used to wearing my shoes all the time so I have to get used to taking them off to stretch my toes.

Climbability: Definitely awesome, my control has improved and I can now do things that I couldn’t do before, like a 5.12+. Ok, maybe not but I find that I have better control over my toes than I did before. Granted, I only climbed once with them so this review is a little premature but whatevs…

Bottom Line: I’m pleased that I got them and if I think about it, it took me a while to get used to my old shoes.



IMG_20151117_221853I went climbing yesterday. Second time with my brand new, La Sportiva blah blah blah shoes. You can’t really tell from the picture but the sole is already separating from the upper half of the shoe. This is for both feet. So, to say the least, they’re crap and they’re going back.

I seriously am taking back my previous comments about them being awesome.

Stay tuned for a new update about a new pair of shoes that I will be acquiring in the foreseeable future.

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