We started planning our trip to Moab, Utah about a year ago for the Moab Other Half Marathon. We were looking at hotels as we usually do when Nancy L. came up with the idea of glamping. Not knowing what glamping was, I googled Moab glamping and it took me right to Moab Under Canvas. I was blown away, I mean, I could camp and have a bathroom? What’s more to life?

So we start driving and driving and driving until we get to Moab. After breakfast, we look for the campsite and the GPS takes us out of town into the middle of nowhere. The GPS was wrong and we had to head back.

We finally found the site but unfortunately we could not check in right away. They did allow us to shower and change and when we got back from our trip to town, the check-in process was fast.


The check-in was fast and they did instruct us to not walk on certain parts for ecological reasons.

The View

It feels like we are in a large bowl, we’re completely surrounded by mountains. The view is stunning and on some mornings, we could actually see the snow peaks on certain hills.

The Campsite

The campsite looks like a mess but there’s a strange logic to it. I do believe that the organization could have been better. The bbq area and the bonfire areas were too far apart. Just to describe the campsite, picture a large area with tents. The tents are permanent and they range in size from teepee to larger tents. My tent had four beds in it but some have cots.

The Staff

No complaints, at all. Like, not a single one. Every single person was beyond friendly. The work ethic was great, the rooms were cleaned every day as were the bathrooms. I would come back just to experience the people again.

The Location

The campsite is about 15 min from town so it’s not a big to do but it is close to the primary hiking areas.

The Bathrooms

So the bathrooms are just weird. Picture a trailer that has three bathrooms per side, so each room is about 4 x 4. It’s a tight fit and during peak hours, the water is icy if you wish to shower. The other trailer had a total of three bathrooms so they were the more luxurious ones.

Overall Pros

  • Staff was super friendly
  • Fresh coffee and tea 24 x 7 (I didn’t’ say good coffee though)
  • When the towel tent was empty of all towels, Sarah lead me to the golf cart and we quickly went and got a stack of new ones
  • The view is stunning
  • We had complete privacy in the tents and the staff is very discrete when checking in the tents to close them up (apparently, the staff will look for unzipped tents and zip them up for the guests)
  • Leslie was an unbelievable story teller, the stories she told about rock hunting were amazing

Overall Cons

  • The lighting was horrible, especially if you’re tipsy (not that I personally would know)
  • Finding the place is difficult, signage needs work
  • There was no programming to get the guests to mingle
  • The organization of the camp ground was lacking


Moab Under Canvas is in its second year so it has room to grow. Their staff, for the most part was from all over the US and everyone was cheerful and helpful. Jeremy came by our BBQ on our last night to give us questionnaires, unfortunately, he didn’t’ eat but he was very pleasant and seemed keen to learn from us. All in all, Moab Under Canvas was amazing and kudos to the owners for putting together a phenomenal package.

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