I rarely inspire. Like really, really rarely. But I do tend to talk a lot and sometimes my verbal diarrhea has a positive outcome.

I recently, got an email from Matt S. that proves that sometimes, I’m awesome. I did a job for Matt’s company out in Picton and Matt is my point of contact there. Like always, I spew my fitness theories to everyone within hearing range. I didn’t do any differently that day. So, to my surprise, a year later, I get a really nice follow up email.

This email has been reposted with Matt’s permission. It made me feel all warm and squishy inside.

Hi Mike,

Just letting you know my relay went well. Talking about running and fitness with you during our server upgrade last year was a big part of what got me to sign up for the team this year. =)I ran 5.41km @ 5:21 / km according to my watch. Attached is a photo of our team crossing the finish line together.

How’s everything going with you?

All the best,


I was genuinely pleased to get the email and to realize, that with enough talking, you can wear anyone down to the point of exhaustion. Matt, I’m proud that you finished your first race, my obvious follow up question is, when’s your next race?


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