Physio is one of those weird disciplines. Barely understood but touted by all. I knew it was the thing to do when injured but I didn’t know why. To a certain degree I still don’t.

My physio story started 2 years ago, I had issues my calf. My physio identified the issue as an imbalance in my hips. He started treatment by poking and prodding me, quite painfully I might add. The pain was so severe that I felt like inflicting copious amounts of really, really, really bad hurt. While I was there having him work on my calf, I figured I would have him work on my shoulders too. I was a mess at first but slowly and surely I started to recover.

This was important to me because I had a race in Washington that I needed to be physically capable of finishing. Not winning, just crossing the finish line. Lo and behold, I went to Washington, I ran the half marathon. I survived it. All was good in the universe.

Fast forward to 3 weeks ago, where I decided to go bouldering. The next day, my hip flexor hurt but I ignored it; I’m a warrior and warriors ignore mortality by staring it in the face, laughing at it and poking it sharply with sharp exclamations of, you suck, you mortality you…. Anyhow, I ran a half marathon and I could barely move. Getting my car involved me sitting down, grabbing my left leg and lifting it in. Getting out was marginally better.

So I went to a new physio. I liked my old one but the drive was brutal. Today I had my third visit and I’m already considerably better and this is in spite of running twice this week, climbing and paddling. Now, is my physio responsible for all this, no, rather he helped me accelerate the process of healing. My wolverine blood healed me fast but my physio did spend time poking and prodding me. Did I mention the pain?

My lessons learned from all this is that not only do physios know what they’re doing but the knowledge take-aways are tremendous. I have a better understanding of my physiology and conversely reminds me of the importance of yoga as a preventative measure.

My physio did tell me something interesting today, he mentioned that some people show up as a reactive approach. They beat up their body knowing that physio will help them get back on track. Definitely the wrong approach to fitness. Rather the purpose of a physio is to help you when you’re not sure what the issue is. They educate and elucidate on the body, the physiology and they help you determine what is possible for your body.

Physio should be treated like a proctology examination, you only get one when you need one.

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