When I first got the idea of blogging about my passion, my intention was to blog two, maybe three times a week. The reality is that it’s hard, this isn’t a full or even part-time job, rather this is a labour of love. As such, I’ve had to relegate my blogging time to the back-burner and focus on maintaining, running and building my business. No easy task I might add.

So now I’ve decided to blog once a week. Originally, I had plans for all these guest contributors but the reality is that others are busy as well. I can’t force them to do anything, especially if they’re not getting paid. Flexing my tremendous biceps didn’t seem to do the trick either, actually their typical reaction is laughter. I don’t get it.

It is kind of sucky that I can’t blog more often but I have to recognize the reality of my life. I run only once a week, climb twice, yoga once and random workouts at home, about three times a week. Plus, I’ve been working late recently.

Please have patience for my busy lifestyle and I will endevour to workout as often as possible. I mean blog… As my buddy, Oren, has told me, he needs a special itinerary to track my schedule and life.

Anyway, have a good day and happy workouting…

A special shout out to Adam for proofreading my postings and for probably being the only one to actually read them. And yes, Adam, I do have a blog.

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