Having confidence seems to be a given. You need confidence and end of story. Developing confidence may be a good thing but although it takes long to develop confidence, you can lose it in a heart beat.

Ballerina Goat is a perfect example of this, odds are Ballerina Goat spent years developing the confidence to look this good in public. Finally, the day came and Ballerina Goat stepped out of the house looking as snazzy as you can see here. But, all it took was one vicious baaaa from Shelly Sheep and Ballerina Goat quickly ran back home and changed into her typical hipster gear.

Or, in my case, I went skiing and we decided to tackle a black diamond (or it could’ve been a double black). I remember, as I started my descent, thinking, “oh crap, I remember this hill”. I got past the steep part and was happy but the slope had other ideas. It turned very bumpy and next thing I know, I was having a ski yard sale. I had one ski on and one pole in hand, the rest of it was about 10 feet up the slope. Fortunately, Adam had fallen earlier and just above me so he brought my ski and pole with.

My confidence was shot, as was my body and I did another two runs before I called it quits. I was feeling sore shortly after and I had issues with my neck for the following week, I suspect that I had some minor whiplash. Rather than going climbing, I ended up doing yoga which helped tremendously.

On a side note, this wasn’t the first time that a fall during skiing destroyed my confidence and forced me to stop skiing… for the night.

So the obvious question is, how do you deal with a confidence killer?


I find that skiing seems to be a sport where the loss of confidence seems to be most apt but that’s not to say that losing faith in yourself is relegated to skiing. Accept that sometimes you have bad days. Accept that you can do the same challenge five times well but the sixth time you can bomb the challenge. These things happen and they’re normal. We’ve all been in situations where our motivation and confidence is lacking, the question is, how do we deal with it?


Sometimes what your body and your mind need the most is rest. Just take a break. Even if your routine requires you to be consistent and persistent, your lack of confidence may affect your journey negatively. Realize that rest is an active part of exercise, sounds contradictory but studies show that giving your body time to rest, gives it time to recuperate and get stronger. Even more important than healing your body is healing your mind. Without rest, your body will not react appropriately and you will fail. Your mind will then give up on the process and you’re effectively doomed.


Yoga is an excellent confidence builder. It gives your body a chance to rebuild and restrengthen and it’s friggin awesome. That’s not to say that yoga is the only mechanism for that but it definitely worked for me.


Having a bad fall or a bad incident should not be the be all and end all of your experiences. Focus on trying the sport again, primarily when your mind and body tell you that you could. Don’t be scared to get injured, it happens to the best of us. It even happens to Ballerina Goat.

Linda is the queen of Spartan Races, the amount of races she does is insane. She gets injured as often as I bathe, about every month. Yet, she still gets off her butt and perseveres. Right now she can’t do obstacles, so instead she runs. When she’s physically capable of using her shoulder, guaranteed she’s going to find some other crazy obstacle thing to do.

For that, I nominate Linda as certifiable and crazy and inspirational.

You go girl!!! (I guess that’s the modern vernacular)


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