Team work is a much bandied term. There is an implied camaraderie when one joins a team but many, if not most teams are dysfunctional. Typically, a few loud egos ruin the team experience for those that are either the silent majority or are too timid to react.

A good team, is one that learns to live with each others idiosyncrasies and silly moments.  A bad team is one that relies too much on ego and personal achievement.

The key to a cohesive team is one that follows the three R’s, respect, discipline and extremely funny commentary from yours truly.


Respect seems obvious, respect the other player. But it’s more than that, it’s also respect for where a person is in life, what they’re going through, their personal and professional challenges etc. If I’m having a bad day at work, I can show up to the game or race in a bad mood. If I’m shown respect, my team mates will give me space and breathe and work through my issues. The fact that I showed up instead of shirking my duty shows my respect for the team.

Discipline (the R is silent)

I train year round for all my different activities. When paddling season is over, I train with my running and climbing etc. I keep a consistent and disciplined approach to my workouts and by doing this, I help reduce injury. The discipline also helps the team since they know they can rely on my fitness level to assist them during crunch time.

I’ve outlined many exercises that can be done, on the site elsewhere.


I single-handedly kept the phrase “that’s what she said” alive on my paddling team for the past four years. I am awesome.


Respect comes in many forms; for another person, for the sport, for the equipment etc. Respect takes a lot more effort than discipline, discipline is a solo venture but respect requires interacting with others. This is why I feel that for anyone to partake in team sports, respect has to be one of the key things to work on.

In conclusion, one of the best games, I’ve ever played on the iPad is Goat Simulator. Check it out.


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