Exercise is hard work. It’s a lot of work. It’s not fun. Or is it? It’s not but it maybe but it won’t necessarily be but it should be but is it?

The answer, quite simply is yes/no.

Is my answer clear enough?

So without further ado, my top 10 (and first of) list of how to make exercise fun.


Top 10 Ways to Make Working Out Suck Less:

10. Have the right gear

Nothing sucks more than getting injured while working out. There’s a reason why there’s specialized gear for working out and that’s to prevent injury. Also to make money but the injury part doesn’t hurt.

If you’re new to a sport, don’t go and get the latest greatest, you won’t know if you like it. Rather buy what you need just to start and play it by ear.

9. Watch video

One way to get really inspired and have fun is to watch the pros do it. Youtube is a great resource for that. I watch climbing related videos all the time. I even watch yoga for climbers and I combine 2 sports in one shot.

8. Change it up

Change your routine on a regular basis. Don’t do the same routine as you will get bored and more injury prone. Don’t drop your existing routines either, maybe phase some out but the cross-training aspects are huge.

7. Music and distractions

Music helps tremendously; if you’re running, some Rocky inspired music is good or with aerobics, something from Megadeth. Or maybe not.

When I’m doing my martial arts fitness routines, I like to put violent action movies on, I find it helps me move better. Or Kitchen Nightmares because I just get aggravated but the stupidity of restaurant owners.

6. Join a group

Classes proliferate everywhere and there’s always a new theme or angle for exercise. With a class, you meet like-minded people whom you can connect and relate to.

Alternatively, join a class with a friend, one enthusiastic about trying something new. If you have to drag someone kicking and screaming into a class, it’s not worth it. Better spend your energy with someone that will make the experience fun.

5. Go outdoors

Getting out of a stuffy gym will help clear your mind. Try going for a walk, hike or run and explore your neighborhood or a nearby park. The clear air will help invigorate you and you’ll feel better about yourself.

When the weather turns lousy, maybe move it indoors or alternatively, fight your natural inclination to wuss out and enjoy mother nature in all her glory.

4. Think positive

Attitude is critical for having a fun workout. If you feel tired, let down, angry or depressed it’s difficult to exercise. It’s up to you to inspire yourself to move forward and get off your bum.

3. Get involved in your community

Communities typically have trails to explore, events to join and the networking opportunities are amazing. You will meet like-minded people who can inspire you to push forward.

1-2 Be social

This one is so important that I gave it 2 slots. Also, I couldn’t think of another point. Regardless, the critical thing is a good workout is to have fun. Let me explain, if exercise seems like a chore or too painful or difficult to see progress, you’ll likely quit. Then feel sorry for yourself.

By finding like-minded people, ones who don’t push you beyond your abilities, exercise becomes fun. It’s important to find a group, the odds of people making it out to an outing is greatly increased. One of my friends was doing cross-fit for 2 months and their expectations were insanely high for those that don’t have a background in weights. He ended up doing 3 months of therapy.

Contrast that with our run yesterday, we had a route that we promptly forgot about it, start running trails, found a wigwam type of structure in the woods (unoccupied by human or animal) and had so much fun that some random gentleman commented on it when we ran past him.

Our group consists of about 8-10 regular and semi-regular runners so everyone is guaranteed at least one running partner.

The fun thing about our run, is that it didn’t feel like a run, rather it felt like a social outing.

And that my friends is what fun is all about.



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