I know this post may seem to be out of character for the purpose of the site. It isn’t.

I travel fairly often and a hotel can make or break your fitness experience. For example, a couple of summers ago I stayed in Florida and the running and exercise was fairly abysmal.

My experience at White Oaks was completely the opposite. I’ll get to that a little bit later in this article.



White Oaks Resort is located in Niagara region near a whole bunch of wineries and within a short walking distance to a huge outdoor mall. Since it’s right off the highway, it’s easy to get to and easy to spot.


The check-in process was quick and easy and courteous.

The Room

IMG_20141119_122309My room was huge, it had double beds and strangely, a TV in the bathroom. The room was clean and had enough space for yoga and cross-fit activities. It also had a Keurig for fresh coffee. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to use it but I was definitely impressed.







As I mentioned, I travel a lot; typically front desk is quite pleasant. The same can’t be said for the rest of the staff. White Oaks was a pleasant surprise. The place is huge and it has lots of twists and turns so I got lost initially (and even after that). I’m pretty sure the chief architect was Escher. Most times I needed directions, staff would not only point me in the right direction but they would walk me to the location. I was constantly greeted pleasantly by everyone from doormen to maintenance.

I’m giving this major shout out to the staff because clearly it’s a culture that comes from the top. I believe they deserve this recognition although I wouldn’t be surprised if they get this from management.


The gym is amazing. It’s three floors, the first floor is squash courts, tennis courts a basketball court and I’m sure there are other courts. The second floor is gym and various studios and the third floor is a cardio area. What’s unique about their gym is that it functions as a full health club to non-hotel stayers. Very interesting combination but it clearly works because the gym had a decent amount of people there.

I’m not a big weight type of guy and the equipment there definitely respected my body-weight type of regimen. The hotel’s whole credo revolves around fitness. How can one go wrong?

The only negative that I would add is if you walk to the gym from the hotel, you walk through a narrow hallway. The hallway itself has a funky smell that smells like a wave of BO after a sumo wrestler finishes a bout.

Bottom Line

Great hotel, great experience, great gym but most importantly… great people.

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