The world is full of exercise equipment. Way too full. The choices are outstanding, overwhelming and in most cases, overwhelming.

I’ve been guilty of buying too much equipment. Case in point, check out my exercise gym. This is an actual picture of my basement.


I have more equipment around tIMG_00000369he corner, including Eugene, my punching bag. All these were good investments, at the time. But, as my workouts changed, so did my needs. Now, I barely use any of this equipment. As I moved away from weights and got involved in body-weight training, I came to realize that critical equipment for a proper workout does not have to be costly, big or randomly elaborate.

I now have compiled a list of my optimal equipment that would benefit those with a budget and minimal space.

1. Medicine Ball

The medicine ball is a very versatile piece of ball. You can use it for push-ups, a replacement for weights, balance, core etc.

2. A Good Mat

A decent mat will provide grip on smooth surfaces. I use mine for stretching and to keep my feet warm on my basement laminate floors.

3. Resistance Bands

I use these for a bunch of activities. I use one to stretch out my tight hamstrings. I use it for shadow boxing (wrap it around your body and try punching), bicep curls, tricep extensions etc. It’s portable and I’ve travelled with it many times.

4. TRX

The TRX is just versatile. I have mine mounted to the ceiling and I’ve used it to build strength and to stretch out.

5. Yoga Ball

A yoga ball will help you with stretching, body-weight exercises etc. If you choose to use weights, sitting on a ball and doing your weights adds a dynamic motion to your training that helps strengthen you more than a similar movement on solid ground.

Future posts will develop these ideas further.

Bottom line, you shouldn’t be spending money on gimmicks when a few basic tools can help you get and keep fit.


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