There’s something very peaceful and magical about running at night. Tonight was no exception. The weather was cool enough that I was able to go to spots that are usually inaccessible due to mosquitoes being vicious little kamikaze warriors.

When I go for random runs, I try to make it interesting. I try to find spots that I haven’t been to and explore my neighborhood. I’m usually very contemplative and I figure things out. The rules for a random run are simple, no rules. Do what you want. If you end up walking the majority of the run, so be it. I’ve had random runs that I struggled with after 4km and amazing runs that were over 15km, you never know.

The best part of a random run, though, is to stop and smell the roses, or in my case, take pictures.

IMG_20141011_190718      Local Pond

These pictures were taken by one of the many ponds in my neighborhood.

And this is why I do it…

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