It’s no surprise to anyone that knows me but I get bored easily. Like, really easily. But I digress…

Recently, I took up climbing. The climbing gym that I go to has two sets of gymnasts rings. Naturally, I tried them and didn’t realize how much fun they are. They are a nice break from climbing and, dare I say it, more fun than climbing. As with anything else that I do, I tend to research new interests until I get light headed.

One of my segue researches led me to the L Sit. The L Sit is a deceptively easy-looking exercise that is actually quite difficult. I personally just started doing it this past week.

So an on the ground L Sit looks like this (pictures randomly found on google).

Your routine should follow these steps:

1. Sit down on the ground and put your palms just slightly ahead of the back of your bum
2. Raise your bum as much as possible off the ground
3. Be cognizant of your shoulders, it’s very natural to slouch but rather you should be sitting straight up with your shoulders down
4. Train until you can hold for a minute

Once you master this, raise one foot and train until you can hold for a minute. Then the other foot. Then both feet off the ground. Eventually you can train up to a V Sit.

A quick and easy alternative that you can build cheaply is the parallette (low parallel bars). Google instructions on building a set. They can help you with push-ups, core, strength etc.

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